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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: welcome. i am neil cavuto. wound them because we can't kill them, that is gest of what president said today in europe, as he was outlining what to do about isis, even. we're going slow, they are moving fast, slow them because we can't stop them, president said he is not yet prepared to order military strikes on isis strong holds in syria, and saying waiting for support at home and abroad. he has been getting it over there, australia indicateing as much. maybe he is not reading papers or following news here or
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networks here. but judging from just republican lawmakers, i talked to, he has that support for stepped up attacks. no matter. i caught president saying that does matter and it stunned me, when pressed on whether his goal was the elimination of isis, president said he was trying to limit the group's reach, degrade its capabilities but told the world he can't kill off its capabilities, claiming as if isis were a business, he can't close its doors and hope they can't get many customers. good luck! as a business isis is not only off and running it is racing, even as 1 fears competitors like al qaeda are stumbleing, isis is no well finished and networked in the world, even if you hated it, it
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were a stock, you might be tempted to sell it bute good luk delessindelisting it. with a lot of back up behind it. their message is twisted and baratunde bbarbaric. but it is consistent. they keep killing. we keep debateing, i say as a business, isis, in that respect is glowerishinging, to retired general bob -- what do you make of this. >> i think this is misplaced. look isis cannot be defeated with diplomacy or with coalition making or with sanctions, this is a killing organization. that can only be destroyed by killing it. you have to kill them where they live, iraq is peripheral, the
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heartland, head and brain, is in syria. the only -- >> how do you know that for sure? they are all over the world. >> i don't think there is a question, recreateing, headquarters, financing training is centered around that city in syria, that is where everyone seems to gravitate to join the ranks. iraq is an extension. neil: you say if we go after syria position, and kill them all there, they are not much of a problem, i subscribe. you are expert i am not, i see is that terrorists are like cockroaches, you smash home in one area, they pop up somewhere else. >> isis is different, they look like a state than a terror organization, they have the vulnerabilities of a state, you could strike at their finances at their training group, strike at their depots at their
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political heart, you could do it both with air delivered bombs or direct actions by special forces. neil: what if -- they want that, they want to bring up this great struggle with the west, and with evil satan that is america to get just that unifying response? >> i tell you, if we start blowing up isis, they start dying in large numbers, if we're successful in taking out their truck 46 and middle manage -- infrastructure and middle management their television monitors will go dark. no, this is about killing and destroying them, not doing i this is not "shock and awe," this is "shock and awe" in a very slow pace, we have to take them down, and to your earlier points, only country that can do this, that have this special capability, is either united states or assisted to some degree by united kingdom and australia. >> we know that united kingdom
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and australia are closer to supporting just such a position, the president is not or waiting i guess for this coalition to form, you argue time is not on our side. >> right, the bottom line is, we may not be at war with isis, but isis is at warar with us, dogs f war will draw us in to it whether the president wants to join or not, my view, better strike them earlier ratherhan late, and had the them at their heart than at periphery. a difference between cutting off their arm or shooting them in their head, their head is in syria, not iraq. neil: thank you, general. >> in case you think this complexion of this debate has changed, contrast president's cautious approach. with his vice president's approach. this is from joe biden. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell. until they are brought to
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justice. because hell is where they will reside. hell is where they will reside. neil: is he running for president? gates of hell maybe, syria no. to fox biz all-stars. what do you make of this, now joe biden is saying, we're going to be more in you face than the president says. >> i think that you have to have harsh words, the word war is true, how many americans have to be killed before you use harsh language, and call it what it is? it is war. president does not care about american citizens, he does not care that american citizens are being killed 92 that is a stretch. >> he i cares about his tee tea. neil: maybe he feels he will do more harm than good to get knee
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deep. >> he has his own sense of the world, he is wishing this to go away, this is not manageable, you do not manage psychopaths like your kids. neil: who are seeingo paths. >> -- psycho paths. >> you say, you are bad, you don't do this, mommy is not happy with you, you go to a time out in your room with the video games and toys and you think about it. that is what this president is doing with the terrorists. waiting -- time is against us, we're a sitting duck, something is going to happen. neil: lizzy, this problem that president likened isis to? >> an interesting choice of word, i think that what also going on is united states will have leadership of u.n. security council, this is about coalition building right now. we have t joe biden speaking
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forcefully. i don't think that isis is a state, it is gang, using video as a weapon with horrifying images of who they are beheading. neil: they have $2 million a day. >> but the question is, if -- if it is only u.s. taking up arms against isis, we play into their ideology, we have to bring turky and syria. neil: you support 39' presidents coalitionapproach. >> how do you get a coalition if you go on television in that famous tan suit conference, and say, we don't have a plan. if you go to nato, 4 of -- so you have 24 states well under the spending amount, and say, we need money from you to help us fight isis. >> wait, president -- i am sorry, president did not say we don't have a plan, he said we don't have a strategy to deal
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with the situation in syria that is different. >> but syria is heart of the -- >> if the general is right, the problem is syria, they are all in syria, h has ni stwraepblg stragty -- strategy for syria. >> we need to -- >> what liz said, it is not a state, may be not a state right now, in their minds their mission to create an islamic state. neil: what is difference if they become a state. >> their strength, just gains more strength, and their mission is to kill and destroy everyone who does not agree with them. >> you have to get at fact they are attacking other muslims if you publicize british imams doing a fatwa that is a impact, they will run out of hostages before u.s. runs you on of
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missiles, their mo is propaganda. neil: all right. >> not if we don't treat them like the force they can, they will be a state in 6 months, then a huge mistake, a huge under estimation and handling them. neil: are you ready for a protracted struggle and a multiyear war as a result. >> if bee can get help and confidence, that might be it, but on our own, and underestimateing it will not be a solution. neil: maybe the president cannot get the help. >> he cannot get a i can leg, he has not -- coaliti, he has not stepped up, he is not a leader, i am from missouri, if harry truman were t*l president todaye would be out there kicking derrieres i tell you? >> really. neil: after this.
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neil: all right, you know in case you have not been hearing, atlantic having problem with one big casino shuts down after another, revel the biggest. which has folks wondering if
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chris christie has much to brag about. donald trump was commenting on that with me yet. >> 7 years ago i left, i saw the hand writeing on the wall. neil: that predates chris christie. >> they never did what they should have done, they built a terrible convention center, they could have built be on on the boardwalk, they did not do that. neil: donald trump's son is here, eric. very good to have you, what your dad said, you know casinos are not an open and shut case or an easy moneymaking business. there is a method to it, for some reason atlantic city is not finding it. >> under my father there were no more successful place, we had every big entertainer, we really did it right. now -- >> what happened.
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>>hey did not have a big convention center or a place for businesses to converge, i never thought of that. >> that is one of them, you have competition with state, you see whawhat happening with connectit and maryland. neil: i don't buy that, las vegas has competition with tea he and other -- tahoe and other places, they somehow offer more. >> look at las vegas, in 1990, las vegas gaming receive new 60% of all revenue in city, right now 34%, that sa says shows took over great rif restaurant restsk over, it is a family place, you can do anything. every convention goes to las vegas, they diversified. atlantic stay failed. neil: is it to late? >> we're passionate about atlantic city, my father bottom besbuiltbest 3 3 properties dow.
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neil: in is some bickering over whether they can use trump name. >> he got out at the right time, he saw what was happening, he saw when vegas did so well, he also saw, what atlantic failed. neil: would high nt want his name associated with atlantic city. >> right, they have to run the casinos well, he has to be associated with five-star property. neil: he is out of there. what is to make chris christie think he has a brain? >> we would love to so atlantic stay succeed. but they have to diversify. neil: like what? >> get pizazz back in, bring those shows make it you know entertaining for people who are not just gambleers, he has been critical about the convention center, if luke at vegas -- if you look at las vegas, they have
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every conrention that brings business people from all over the globe. neil: pedigree list of entertainers but you don't get the cirque du soleils, i don't understand that. >> vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world, roller coasters, and red rock canyon, and hiking, list to cofrom las vegas is amazing, it does not take much long target to las vegas than atlantic city, tracked on the expressway for 5 hours, you could jump on jetblue and be in las vegas. neil: when did you take jetblue? >> all of the time. neil: okay i'll play along. chris christie not with standing, governors have to run on a record, do you think because of what is going on in atlantic city, he has a record to run on? >> i think it is easy to points fingers there are a lot of macro
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forces hurting atlantic city. neil: how about new jersey? >> you know, i guess we'll see. atlantic city is not rebounding quickly, it would be flies to see more -- nice to see more attention focused on atlantic city. neil: on the economy in stkwrepb rallygeneral,your dad pair phraa disaster. >> it is, interests rates are low. it reminds of the 2006. neil: is that happening in new york city? park lace 75 million? >> look at where that money is coming from, from china. from russia. no question it is getting nose bleedy. it is also due to low interest rates, it is easy to borrow, that is inplates prices. you look at where miami of 3
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years ago versus today, and new york in 2006, versus today. it is really incredible. neil: are you saying new york should prepare itself for a hit. >> new york is a little bit of a specializeed market, people want to be here, they park their money from country they don't trust. neil: after 1999 they can note want to -- after 1999 they did not wan9/11 they didnot want to. >> that i want to park their money in the west they still feel safe here, we have a lot of problem no question. but influx of foreign money, it is coming in. and as an american, that is a tough thing, you want to see america stand on its own two feet, you don't top rely on foreign funds. neil: i know my producers are getting angry, do you share the same dim view of the president as your dad. >> i do? i do.
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>> the very, very top 1% are making so much more than the rest of the public, we can't have america and corporations growing and you not getting a fair sre. >> time to change the tax code, make sure you get equal share, if you don't, if we don't, america, america is in trouble. >> all right. a couple things on vice president, he left out fact that kassem between rich and poor has
11:24 pm
widened under this administration, charlie gasparino noticed something about what vice president was wearing? >> an s, so sobanic, i am not a fat cat. but you know vice president, you know i told you about this, he played at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the hamptons, a ritzy part of long island new york where rich and famous go. neil: have you been there? >> not in years. neil: i don't believe it. >> i have a little house in connecticut, a modest place. neil: compound. >> yes. but sobanic apparently costss there are a million to get in. neil: a million. >> fees are off the charts, they won't comment. he either paid that million, we're somebody -- or a guest of a fat cat, either way, for this
11:25 pm
guy to be railing about how small businesses should you know hike their costs by tremendous amounts because they have to meet a new minimum wage level, is kind of -- ridiculous given the fact that he is so far out that -- les listen the people tt dgo do that club, they are wall street guys who make millions a year. neil: not sonic? >> no sobonic, they fly in, they take helicopters there, they mick mill -- make millions of years, they are not franchiseys of mcdonald's. neil: he is a hypocrite? >> yes. neil: that kazem has widened. >> there is that course.
11:26 pm
and the limousine. neil: this is limousine liberalism at its best? >> however you pick it. neil: if you run -- if hillary clinton leads way she is rich. >> and close to wall street. neil: how can they play that? >> i don't know how she does it, they do it all of the time. >> kennedy did it. >> kennedy did it as he was lowers classes, he was hardly a class warfare guy. fdr is before my time, you might remember. you were first hand. neil: you did not fly me up to that bosch batchy ball tourname. >> i would say, you know, this sort of viisage of vice president biden is bad, but president obama was hanging out with a guy, i guess a friend of
11:27 pm
mine, roberts wolf, and they were playing golf in west chester county. neil: do you play golf? >> no. but, i once worked at a golf course, i was a grounds keeper. neil: really. >> lock ledge in york town, i am telling you. neil: he is the best, a lot of people, he is the whole package, and he is a man of the people. when he feels like it. >> going to arrow smith tonight by the way. il: i'll see you there. >>/, yo -- slash, you like slas. >>/, yo -- slash, you like slas. neil: great [ hoof beats ]
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whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. neil: you know they say, when it is i in your neighborhood you py more attention to what is going on, saudi arabia knows, with arrests of terrorist suspects do we have reason to fear a scary anniversary. walid farris on when maybe isis
11:31 pm
is planninger not? do you think they are? the heightens terror alert in britain they will seize on that date. >> this is possible. we saw it happen 2012, in benghazi, isis has a reason to do, but it can reason not to do, reason is we're at war with them, we have been striking they have beheaded two american citizens for now, we need to be attentive, isis can do, it depends on their intentions whether they day, before, after or later. neil: i heard someone say, i hope i got it right. that the attacks onournalists were so brutal, and gruesome they turned the world even a lot of muslims again them. to points now they hurt themselves their image, they hurt their message, they are not only fierce, they just seem so beyond crude, they must be
11:32 pm
obliterateded? >> look, i analyze what isis is trying to do, they are not trying to justin tell -- to intunnel datintimidate us, it wt public opinion, look at what british have done, they are at war or trying to publicize for their level of stkwrao. jihadism, they are trying to tell other jihadists look at what we can do, and the americans won't come against us, except for this nibbleing, their thinking, means the airstrikes. neil: what do we do? >> the options are simple, if we doolittle, they win, they grow. like those monster movies,f you do a little they go after you, if you do a lot, we have to
11:33 pm
have a different plan, obama administration does not have a strategy, i was trying to read what president was trying to say, there are hundreds, it the widen to iraq, syria and get iranians. neil: i don't think he wants to do that, i don't think he was against the iraq war from the start, he does not like being in a position of embroiling us in more of a controversy, the idea of the expanding attacks to syria with or without assad blessing beyond iraq is not his cup of tea, he does not want to do it. fact that other nations are holding off, makes me think that isis can take a breather. >> he did something in 2011, he unleashed a might of united states on libya, why? he knew about the outcome, mr. gadhafi was isolateed. here he knows where to begin in iraq eand extend in syria but he
11:34 pm
does not know how this will end, his advisors do not bring in a sense iarioayear -- scenario. neil: that lead niece believe that isis will continue growing and threatening. >> they will be growing, and they will hit their trucks and caravans, that will happen, they will get more organizations in the world, neil, libya, somalia, nigeria, i predict they will join isis. neilhing to worry about, walid farris if you. >> thank you. >> elsewhere, samsung is trying to out cool kaple with bigger -- apple with bigger and better phones, i will tell you about one thing that samsung left out this could make
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apple, we have details of samsungs new launch in a minute. but first. detroit bankruptcy trial is underway. they have higher credit ratings because they are forced to deal with these issues. mayor ann of dayton, ohio. good to have you. >> great to be here. neil: you had to make a tough decision, sometimes that is the best baptism by fire to deal with this, what did you deal with? >> you know we know we have to watch our accounts like a hawk, we made sure we have done that, and had a diverse aim of funding forces when general motors and delphi pulled out we had tough choices that diversity is clear and important to build our community. neil: what detroit is finds out, is that it is finding that it
11:39 pm
has to reexamine public contracts and the like, pension whatever. for long-term future. whether it is grandfathered in or slowly phaseed in, have you had to do the same? >> our pension is state quite, that helps -- state wide, it helps us a lot, that is well run by the state, that helps a lot of ohio citys with that connection, i can't speak for other cities, but i know in dayton, we have meetings every month on the finances, knowing what money is coming in and going out, and being focused on that is lik every other house in the city. neil: i could be wrong, you like mayor blumberg in new york used to do, were big a rainy day fund for a lack of better word, back up funds, you are in a good run you don't just dole out all of the cash, what is that strategy?
11:40 pm
>> right, we make sure we have a good rainy day surplus, when rainy days do come, they have come, we have that money available, then we make sure that you know we spend and invest in capital, where capital makes sense, we have a structurally balanced budget, we don't spend more than we take in, we are thoughtful on one time operating costs. >> there is a concept, spend what you have. i would be interested, your governor, has been mentioned among those running for had the, president, what do you think? >> we do have a lot of people interested in ohio, it is where presidents decide who the president is. and so, we're not surpriseed about that. that interest from all of the folks kaying attention to ohio,
11:41 pm
including republican convention coming to cleveland. >> do you think he would make a good president. >> well, you know he would probably pass the buck to the state, that is what he has done to local governments. neil: all right, mayor thank you very much. i areciate it. >> thank you. neil: all right, something tells me when jnifer lawrence is in market for a new phone, maybe a samsung, but next find out why samsung's new products may note be help to celebrities they are looking for. after this. musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to stch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates.
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neil: the fight is on for the future, samsung looking to up
11:45 pm
stage apple with its new phones and its virtual reality devices, cool, but is it secure? which has been a big issue this week. apple games not their doing -- claims not their doing, but it has been stuck on apple since, back with our stars, we have a couple of new samsung phones, they brought a representative, a very mus young man he said you t these in your pocket this will be your last broadcast. they are beautiful, i am wondering, is this no accident the timing? >> you know such a horrible timing for apple to have cyber hack with yen for lawrence, and rihanna and other celebrity intimate photos were hacked
11:46 pm
into. now the push to get your data into cloud, now they are pushing to use your smartphone instead of your credit card, just tap on the phone to make a purchase, now that is in a cloud, now he'll data. -- health data, i am thinking i don't want my weight or information about my snoreing habits in the cloud 92 all for convenience, each company claims they have good safety features, apple still insisting this had nothing to do with it, but what do you make? >> it is true, every technology company has a duty to keep its data secure, the cloud is basically secure. a lot of small businesses hesitate to move to the cloud, but it is secure, if someone wants to break into your home, no matter what gizmos you have to get in, they will get in there.
11:47 pm
neil: very good points. and the smatter mouse trap we build a smarter rat or mouse comes along,. i should disclose, i am a apple shareholder. but, i own samsung products not these particular ones, yet. what do you make of, that samsung risin trying to one up e saying they are trying to catch up with us, what took you so long? >> i think it makes sense. i think neil, it is something that to your points a lot of customers have wanted this whole time, they are staying with apple. neil: i don't know, i don't know about that. people tried these, i was a former apple phone user, they are very easy to use. you know, what i'm saying. >> listen. i'll protect you if he comes
11:48 pm
after you. neil: have you not seen him, you will not be able to protect me. >> i will fly to new york on moi own -- on my own dime. >> youan help me, right? >> you don't go to samsung. >> wow interesting. >> i don't know. neil: they were considered a big laugh. >> i have a samsung device, i love it. >> if you are a apple lover, i use a apple computer, you cannot coordinate that with your other data. >> a good points. talk to each other the devices, they cannot do that. >> going to issue two right now. we lost our lead in the space race. vladimir putin taking it to next level. he is pushing construction on what they call a new spaceport. in outer regions of russia to
11:49 pm
expand missions to the moon, mars, i am told the sun. seeing if you are paying attention could they say they are going at night, we are falling behind? >> sending vladi to the sun sounds awesome, go, don't come back, it might be hot. problem is space race was a product of cold war that is not going on right now. it may start again, now does it matter if russia guess to mars, or if they did to moon. >> what about us? >> do we have to. neil: no -- >> american people don't care. neil: it costs $60 million every time we send an astronaut up because of russia to get to space subtle. neil: lizzy does not care. >> russia, they privatize more rapidly than u.s., now we have
11:50 pm
branson and musk making a push, nasa is focuss on deep space. neil: you look younger than i, you and i can remember, our concuring space. we can remember we were just babies, john kennedy. >> hang on. >> now someone else? you are -- >> wait a second. >> do we put a man in space? do we have to? >> go. >> i was born in ha hospital was sputnik. >> i was born i panicked. >> president obama has set the clock back more than 50 years. neil: something we -- scott you are okay? >> i'm fine, but emack pensions private companies, branson and musk there is no demand, they can't celticets. >> -- sell any tickets to win.
11:51 pm
>> go to deep space. neil: i don't know, i don't know. guys, i am so done. anyway, neil cavuto, bob's big boy, we'll connection, you decide. why is this guy coming at me right now? we've never sold a house before.
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(agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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>> what's the deal neil. neil: what is the deal withny not answering a lot of questions you were asking this summer, information you wanted to know put aside for news, i figured you had to know more, i was wrong, post labor day, unofficial end of summer, answers to your more burning questions victor, who do you think is smartest personal a cocktail person. the person who talks least. >> neil, if o'reilly and hannity were drowning who would you save? >> hannity.
11:55 pm
and boxers or briefs. >> none of your. >> blonds or brunettes? >> gu none of your business they are beautiful. >> edward, you freak me as antibig union, and you are very observe anti. you are in love with yourself, prove me wrong, why bother, you made up your mind. suzanne, in maine, neil, what makes you tick? kieapp keen. -- caffeine. >> do you find yourself at a loss when the proefpler breaks prompter breaks down, no, no, zoll up. >> and neil, set ul a score for me, i think you are the inspiration for big boy. any idiot can see big boy has fake hair and is fat. yeah. all right, daniel, neil, my husband hates watching you, well
11:56 pm
but i love you, what should i do? leave him. >> and rihanna e-mails, i find you dashing, because you are not. wait a minute. i find you incomprehensible. joanna, neil, would -- what would you do if o'reilly just buncburst into your studio and started bloing? i would tell him to sit down, and show him how a professional broadcaster does it. hit wagon? what is that? i like, you are not afraid to speak your mind even when it appears you don't have one. and you are not afraid to use bizarre handles. >> tom. we've been watching you for
11:57 pm
years, yo you are like a fine w. twist off, wine or cork? >> i once had a boyfriend like new college. dropped him like a bad disease. is that you? where have you been? mark. cavuto, i wrote you before to inquire whether you had been fireed from a job, it would appear, in your bioyou have not. what is the real you? >> wait a minute, all me all of
11:58 pm
the time. shaken but never stired. any other questions zephyr? and look who is back. porter. you again? neil, set wil settle a bet, i su are an alien from outer space. you are going to steal our food, prove me wrong. you are a smart one porter. got you. jim in minnesota. cavuto is it true you wrote two books
11:59 pm
just the government that steals our resources and squanders our tax dollars which would be pretty much all government come to think of it. self described surety sisters with the following. we would love it if you could come to our annual. is there such a thing? please tell us you will make it. you are the dream, and we would die a few showed up. please, please, please. i am so there. in case my wife is watching i am honored by the invite but sadly regret being unable to make it. that will do it.
12:00 am
this is what you guys are waiting for. really? really? this is my audience. i appreciate that and a sense of humor. see you tomorrow. ♪ kennedy: it is the battle of love to obama's. who is running the country? in a fit of presidential confusion obama has been spouting rhetoric out of the side of his mouth. isis needs to double up. seconds later he is trying to downplay and minimize. a manageable problem. what do we do? he is not running for office. he is really not running anything at this point. why not pick a side? we have nothing to lose except for everything


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